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Last Update: 23 Aug 2019
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JKR Betong RTP Corner Launching Ceremony
Posted on : 12 Mar 2019  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 12 March 2019

Venue: JKR Betong Divisional Office

The launching ceremony of RTP Corner in JKR Betong Divisional Office was organized on 12 March 2019 with Yang Berbahagia Datu Ir. Haji Zuraimi Bin Haji Sabki, Director of Public Works, together with Chiresly Ak. Francis Kureng, JKR Betong Divisional Engineer. JKR Betong Divisional Office had taken the initiative to build this RTP Corner as the information center with regards to progress data and achievements of RTP projects from time to time.

Rural Transformation Program (RTP) covers projects that include building or repairing of the following:
1 Infrastructure (Road, Bridges, Jetties, Wharves, Riverwalls, Drainage etc)
2 Building (Community Halls, Multi Purpose Halls, Houses of Worship, Schools, etc);
3 Utilities (Electrical Wiring, Street Lighting, Water Supply);
4 Sports (Football Field, Futsal Court, Sepak Takraw Court);
5 Site (Playground, Cemetery, Rumah Panjang Site, Park, etc.);
6 Others (Stage, Public Toilets, Hand Rails).

The ceremony was also attended by Chiew Chee Yau, Assistant Director (Road), Puan Nurainawati Bte. Aini, Assistant Director (Building), Norman Jan, Assistant Director (Corporate Planning), Encik Gerald ak. George, Assistant Director (Bridges & Wharves), Encik Abdul Malik Abdullah@Itin Langit, Assistant Director (Corporate Communication) and officers from JKR Sarawak Headquarters.