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Multiplying Factor Revision Taskforce Workshop
Posted on : 22 Aug 2019  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 22 August 2019

Venue: Imperial Hotel, Kuching

Taskforce to review the proposed revision of multiplying factors of consultancy services payment in Sarawak was held on 22nd August 2019 at Imperial Hotel. The objective of the workshop is to revise the multiplying factors which comprises of site allowances, hardship locality factors and competency & professionalism of site supervision personnel.

The workshop was organised by Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation (MIDT) and JKR Sarawak. The participants attended the workshops are from various state government officers including MIDT, JKR Sarawak, DID, MLGH, JBALB and SFS Office. Also attended the workshop were members from ACEM Sarawak Branch and IEM Sarawak Branch.