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<<December, 2020>>

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Site Handing Over Ceremony - Bukit Balau to Banting Project
Posted on : 12 Oct 2020  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 12 October 2020

Venue: Sri Aman

YB Datuk Mong Anak Dagang (ADUN N.31 Bukit Bangunan) witnessing the Site Handing Over Ceremony of the proposed Road Project Bukit Balau to Banting, Sri Aman to awarded contractor Welfield Services Sdn Bhd. Mr. Cassidy Morris (Head of Project JKR Sarawak) briefed YB Datuk Mong Anak Dagang and entourage, Head of Departments and local residents on the detail of the project.

At present, residents in Banting only can travel to nearest town by river.  With the completion of  9.5km proposed road project which is scheduled to be completed in 30 months, it will provide road connectivity for Banting residents to the nearest town.  
The scope of the project comprises of:
i)  To construct a 1.5km long of modified R3 JKR road standard. (CH 0 – CH 1.5)
ii) To construct a 8km long R1 JKR road standard. (CH 1.5 – CH 9.5)
iii) To construct a 91m long reinforced concrete bridge with 30m long piled embarkment at both sides.

Also attending, Dato Sri Doris Sophia Brodie (Political Secretary in Chief Ministers of Sarawak Office), Madam Suryati Mohd Ali, (Assistant Director Rural Development), Mr. Chang Kueh Chin (Regional Manager of JKR Southern Regional Office), Mr. Elvis Didit, (Residen, Resident Office Sri Aman), Ir. Christopher George, (Divisional Engineer JKR Sri Aman), Madam Sakinah Dahrawi Edrus (Officer KPLB Sarawak), Mr. Ashree Wee (DO Sri Aman), Dato Samuel Lawen (Temenggung Iban), Penghulu Belie, DID Divisional Engineer, Representative of Land & Survey, PDRM, and Local Tuai Rumah, and Mr Chong Jun Fah representative from Contractor (Welfield Services Sdn Bhd).