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Majlis Apresiasi dan Jasamu Dikenang Peringkat Zon Utara 2020
Posted on : 19 Oct 2020  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 19 October 2020
Venue: Imperial Hotel, Miri
JKR Sarawak celebrates 32 recipients of the “Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang” (APC) and six (6) retirees and soon to be retiree for year 2019 in conjunction with the “Majlis Apresiasi dan Jasamu Dikenang Peringkat Zon Utara”. Certificate of appreciation was presented by YBhg. Datu Ir. Haji Zuraimi bin Haji Sabki, Director of Public Works at the Imperial Hotel, Miri.

In YBhg. Datu Speech, he thank and congratulate the retirees and recipients of the APC for their outstanding contributions and services and dedication during their service in the department. He also congratulated the organizers and committee members who worked hard to make the event a success because it is not only a ceremony to commemorate their services but also to strengthen the bonds of friendship among the staff in the department, he added.
Also present during this ceremony were Ir. Wisil Lichok, Deputy Director (Corporate Affairs), Ir. Richard Tajan, Deputy Director (Asset Management Sector), Mr. Teo Nguong Leong, Regional Manager (Northern), Mr. Chong Chi Fam, Divisional Engineer (Miri), Mdm. Dayang Hajah Joanita Azizah bt. Abg Hj. Morshidi, Assistant Director (Human Resource), Mr. Lau Pit Hwa, Divisional Engineer (Bintulu), Mr. Noor Ismail bin Razali, Divisional Engineer (Limbang) and officers and all staff of JKR Sarawak.