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YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah Visit to Proposed Ferry Ramp Kpg. Tambirat/ Kpg. Beliong
Posted on : 19 Oct 2020  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 19 October 2020

Venue: Proposed Ferry Ramp Kpg. Tambirat/Kpg. Beliong , Samarahan

YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah (Minister Of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth And Sport Sarawak.) and YB Datuk Hj. Julaihi Bin Hj. Narawi (Assistant Minister of Infrastructure and Port Development) visited the Proposed Ferry Ramp Kpg. Tambirat/Kpg. Beliong , Samarahan on 19th October 2020.

The objectives of this project are:
a) To provide a complete infrastructure facilities among the interior villages at Beliong, creating fast and convenient linkage to Asajaya Town.
b) To cultivate the economic growth at rural area through improved accessibility, increasing the agricultural production and transportation to the Asajaya town market as well as creating corporate and economic opportunities.
c) To raise the quality of life for the interior villages through improved transportation services to social services (e.g. Existing hospitals, schools).
d) To open up nearby land for development and simultaneously increase the land value.

This project comprises mainly of the following components:
a. R.C. Ramp (37m long x 11m wide) linked to an R.C. access road (18m and 49m long) leading perpendicularly to the main bund and premix road respectively.
b. Berthing Dolphin
c. Foundation system (Steel Pipe Pile and Concrete sheet pile wall)
d. Slope Protection using Gabion Wall System
e. Water Pipeline and Electrical Ducting along access road to R.C. Ramp.
f. Associated Earthwork
g. Toilet
h. Guardhouse with Boom Gate System
i. Solar Panel Lightning System with navigation lights.
During the visit, Ir. Khairul Reza Bin Mohd Jawi Matlayer (Assistant Divisional Engineer, JKR Samarahan) briefed the entourage on the approved and proposed road projects in Kpg. Beliong/Kpg. Tanju/Kpg. Lubok Kura, Kpg Semilang, Kpg. Beradek and Kpg. Tiang Api to compliments the operation of the ferry operation Kpg. Tambirat/Beliong.

Also attended the site visit were YBhg Dato Sri Haji Mohamad Abu Bakar Bin Marzuki (Deputy State Secretary Sosio Economy Transformation), Tn. Hj Brahim bin Lumpu (Residen Samarahan), Mr. Rais bin Amat (Asajaya District Officer), Mr. Abang Jamallidon bin Abang Ullie (Superitendant L&S Samarahan), Mr. Jan Mohammed Zain bin Haji Brahim, (Assistant Director, Fleet Management), State Admistrative Officer, Local Leaders and Representative from JKR Headquarters and JKR Divisional.