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Emergency Training at Sungai Limbang Ferry Point
Posted on : 17 Feb 2021  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 17 February 2021

Venue: Sungai Limbang Ferry Point

JKR Sarawak together with the Fire & Rescue Department Malaysia and Sungai Limbang Ferry Operator have organized an Emergency Training at Sungai Limbang Ferry Point. The objective of this training is to brief and give exposure to every Sungai Limbang Ferry workers about the safety aspects for ferry operation.

The briefing on Safety and Fire Demonstration has been given by PPgB Azman Bin Ibrahim, Ketua Unit Keselamatan Kebakaran Bomba Zon Limbang. This briefing covers multiple topics such as fire, fire category, reasons of fire, prevention of fire and demonstration on the correct techniques to put out the fire. He had also given a simple briefing on the safety precautions on the river which include safety announcement, to always wear safety jackets and to stay at the designated place until the ferry has safely landed.

En. Noor Ismail bin Razali, JKR Divisional Engineer (Limbang) has reminded all ferry users to always comply with the instructions when they board the ferry. All pasengers must alight from their vehicles prior to boarding and only the driver is allowed to be inside the vehicles during boarding. The vehicle window must also be open at this time. All passengers must also stay at the designated area throughout the ride while wearing safety jackets. Ticket fee must be paid prior to boarding.

Also present during this training session were Encik Mahathir Bin Jokeni, JKR Assistant Divisional Engineer (Limbang), Omar Bin Sedi, Manager (Sri Cahaya Indera Kota Sdn. Bhd.) and officers from JKR Bahagian Limbang.