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JKR Sibu Internal Quality Audit (IQA)
Posted on : 30 Mar 2021  Source of News: JKR Sibu Divisional Office

Date: 30 March 2021

Venue: Sibu

JKR Sibu is committed to assess the effectiveness and continuing suitability of the quality policy, system, objectives and preventive actions to align with JKR Sarawak policy. Ir. John Wong Toh Koo (JKR Sibu Divisional Engineer) is saying this during JKR Sibu Internal Quality Audit (IQA) closing which focusing on projects management and quality documentations. “Proper documentation of all the quality documents both on Contract requirements and Project Specifications are as crucial as our performance”, he said.

Major target for this audit is to seek improvement for JKR Sibu in project implementation:

(1) In line with strategic plan highlighted by Pelan Antirasuah JKR Sarawak (OACP);

(2) Projects documentation as per JKR Sarawak Quality Management System;

(3) Filing system;

(4) Competency gap, standardization of processes and actions taken and enhancement to technical knowledge for project implementation; and

(5) Integration between JKR Sarawak policy on Project Reporting.

JKR Sibu Internal Audit on project management and quality documentations was performed from 22nd - 26th March, 2021 focusing on seven(7) areas:

(1) General contract administration);

(2) Safety Management;

(3) Cost Management;

(4) Time Management;

(5) Quality Management;

(6) Sick/Delay Project Management; and

(7) Project Closing Management.

It was performed through cross-checking between Section which involved MRP Section (Audit lead by Engr. Teo Hwe Hoq of BA), Building Assets (Audit lead by Engr. Fazlin Bt. Mohd Basri of RCEA), RCEA Section (Audit lead by Engr. Chong Wei Cherng of MRP) and JKR digital reporting system (Audit lead by Engr. Arne Bt. Arsah of MRP). The Audit report was presented by Ir Minjo Simanding as the Overall Audit Team Leader. On the Audit findings report and the compliance rating as presented during the closing meeting, Ir. John Wong insist that it is a teamwork call for everyone and he expect significant improvement by JKR Sibu staff and perform better for benefit of the rakyat. He strongly support and encourage more in-house knowledge sharing and technical talks to bridge the competency gap between the new officer and experience officer.

In order to comply with the requirements, Ir. John Wong instructed all JKR Sibu staff to refer, understand and implement projects based on established internal documents such as Program Management Guidelines (PMG) & Standard Project Execution Plan (PEP) for Minor Projects Programme, Divisional Manual of Instruction (DMOI), JKR Sarawak Organization Anti-Corruption Plan (OACP) and relevant DPW Circulars. During the closing, awareness talk were also presented to all the Section Head and Staff Grade 29 and above as part of in-house training programme;

(i) JKR Sarawak Divisional Manual of Instruction by Ir Minjo Simanding, ADE JKR Sibu/ Overall Team Leader on establishment of DMOI.

(ii) Organizational Anti Corruption Plan JKR Sarawak by Ir Minjo Simanding (Integrity Officer JKR Sibu) and Ms Asmeida Samad (Penolong Juruukur Bahan).