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Perolehan Cabut Undi RTP Fasa 3/2021 for Sarikei, Meradong and Pakan Districts
Posted on : 30 Jul 2021  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 28 July 2021

Venue: Dewan Sri Nyelong, Sarikei

Around 49 contractors have attended the Perolehan Cabut Undi “Rural Transformation Projects” (RTP) Phase 3/ 2021 for Sarikei, Meradong and Pakan districts. The program was held at Dewan Sri Nyelong, Bahagian Sarikei. This method of procurement has been done in 3 separate sessions in order to comply with the Standard Operating Procedure (S.O.P).

Perolehan Cabut Undi has offered 23 projects under the “Rural Transformation Projects” (RTP) Phase 3/2021. 14 of thos projects will be implemented by JKR Sarikei Divisional Office.

Also present during the program were Puan Felicia Tan Ya Hua, Resident (Sarikei), Encik Toh Chee Leong, Divisional Engineer (JKR Sarikei), Encik Octavius Stanley Peter, DE Representative (DID Sarikei), Encik Awgku Md Hafsanandy Arshad bin Awg Adnan, Manager Representative (CIDB Sibu), Encik Churchill Anak Barrack, Representative (Majlis Daerah Meradong Julau), Cik Catherine Song Sing May and Encik Eric Yong Chun Kien, Officers (JKR Sarikei) and other officers from Sarikei Resident Office.