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Deputy Premier Sarawak Work Visit - Project Site for Upgrading of Jalan Baru Matang, Phase 2
Posted on : 01 Nov 2022  Source of News: Corporate Communication

YB Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas, Deputy Premier Sarawak, Second Minister for Finance and New Economy and Minister for Infrastructure and Port Development (MIPD) Sarawak together with YB Encik Fazzrudin Abdul Rahman, ADUN N6 Tupong had visited the site for the "Upgrading Of Jalan Baru Matang, Phase 2 (From Matang Jaya To Jalan Matang/Jalan Batu Kawa – Matang Junction), Kuching Division" project.

The team was given a short briefing by Ts. Cassidy anak Morris, Deputy Director III (Infrastructure) JKR Sarawak. The scope of works include the ugprading of the 4.4KM road from 2-lane to 4-lane, following the JKR U4 standard. It also includes the construction of sewerage and drainage, as well as a 21.4m bridge and utilities relocation. The upgrading works that have been proposed willl increase the road capacity to cater for the growing traffic in the area.

Also present were YBrs. Ir. Richard Ak. Tajan, Director of Public Works Sarawak, En. Meehan Ak Jorai, Head of Projects & Regional Manager (JKR SRO), Ir. Imelda Ak Jelani, Assistant Director (Road & Civil Engineering Design, JKR HQ) Ir. Bong Yan Phing, Divisional Engineer (JKR Kuching) and senior officers from both MIPD and JKR Sarawak.