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<<December, 2020>>

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Asset Management SectorAsset Management Sector

Asset Planning Branch

Asset Planning Branch manage, plan and upgrade state government assets throuhg renovation and procurement of fixed & movable assets respectively. The main function of the Branch is to ensure that all state government assets are managed, planned and upgraded properly to a safe and reliable level. Besides that, the Branch also provides an effective and efficient procurement of movable assets a& materials that are cost effective and of good quality. To provide the public with good infrastructure, the branch are upgrading and implementing existing and new maintenance management system such as Management of Movable Assets System (MMAS), Road Maintenance & Management Systems (RMMS), Building & Quarters Management Systems (BQMS) and Store Inventory System (SIS).

Road & Civil Engineering Asset Branch

The Road & Civil Engineering Asset Branch's primary function is to ensure that the core products of JKR Sarawak of varyign asset categories, specifically roads (including road furniture and other ancillaries), bridges, wharves and other riverine structures are effectively and efficiently managed, maintained and rehabilitated to the required levels of service and as intended in their respective design lifespan. The Branch is also responsible in processing of wayleave application involving shifting or relocation of utilities or physical works affecting JKR roads, its furniture and other ancillaries.

Building Asset Branch

The Building Asset Branch is another new branch under Asset Management Sector that is responsible to manage all state government buildings and related facilities. The Branch also is responsible to manage army camps, schools, KEMAS buildings and related facilities as well as other federal agencies buildings whenever requested. The PJI Management Unit under Building Asset Branch undertakes to manage Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN), DUN Lama, Astana Buildings and related facilities. Besides that, the Branch also provides advice to agencies pertaining to matters related to building maintenance and handles events management.

Fleet Management Branch

The Fleet Management Branch is previously part of the Mechanical Branch. The core function is to procure and manage Government's new vehicle, plant and equipment for the department as well as for other agencies. The Branch also carries out maintenance to all of the government vehicles. The Branch manages the contracts for operation of ferry services throughout the state to ensure compliance with the government requirements for the convenience and safety of users.