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<<December, 2020>>

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Corporate Affairs SectorCorporate Affairs Sector

Corporate Planning Branch

Corporate Planning Branch is a new branch that was set up after the Transformation/New Face exercise. The Branch's key functions include developing strategic plan on new development projects, manage the Departmental Geographical Information System and Global Positioning System database. The Branch is also responsible to develop strategic plan on projects monitoring and reporting.

Human Resource Branch

Human Resource Branch is structured into two (2) main units namely Human Resource Management Unit (HRM) and Human Resource Development Unit (HRD). HRM is responsible for ensuring the effective and smooth running of the Department's administration. The function covers areas that include general management, staff recruitment, promotion, retirement, positive attitude development and discipline. HRM is the custodian of personal records and is responsible for maintaining and updating accurate records under the Personal Management System. HRD is the Secretariat for Departmental Examination and Examinations related to Scheme of Service. The main function of the Unit is to provide human resource development and training to update and enhance employee skills and knowledge so as to create a skilful, knowledgeable, effective and efficient workforce in the Department.

Finance Branch

Finance Branch's function is the management of allocations and expenditures for the Department and had been restructured from the Account Branch under the Transformation/New Face exercise.

Corporate Communication Branch

Corporate Communication Branch undertakes to handle all of the customer priority which includes handling public complaints in a systematic and professional manner. The Branch is also responsible for matters related to production of publicity materials and also matters on new and media coverage related to JKR Sarawak.