Quality Management Sector

Compliance Branch & Audit Unit

  • The Compliance Branch is formerly known as Quality Assurance (QAC) which is now under Quality Management Sector. The Branch undertakes the strategic quality management functions to improve Department's productivity and quality, focusing on strategic quality management initiatives include planning, promotion, development, implementation, compliance, monitoring and review. The Branch is also responsible for the implementation of ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) and the Health, Safety and Environment for the department.

Research and Investigation Branch

  • The core function of this office is to support the Infrastructure Sector, Building & Specialist Sector and Assets Management Sector in achieving quality development and maintenance of infrastructure with geotechnical and structural investigation work as well as laboratory services for quality control testing, verification and validation. The branch's core functions could also be classified into Soil Investigation Unit, Forensic Unit, Laboratory Section and Research Unit.