JKR Logo

Logo Description

In general, the logo displayed reflects the diversity of areas of work entrusted to JKR Sarawak. The black straight line above the arch-shaped line symbolizes the involvement in implementing the state road network. The thick black arch-shaped line shows the work symbol related to the construction and maintenance of the bridge and reflects JKR Sarawak as an organization entrusted as the leader of the state to carry out engineering work. The fourteen lines located above the straight line symbolize the involvement of JKR Sarawak to carry out building works covering 14 states and federal territories in Malaysia. The black curved line symbolizes the works of implementing riverine infrastructure.


JKR Sarawak logo consists of three colours which are yellow, black and red which represents the colour of the “Trisakti”, the Sarawak flag. Whilst the colour yellow denotes the maturity of the JKR brand as one of the oldest organizations created and reflects a mature image in achieving its objectives. The black colour is the symbol of the strength and unity of quality from the branches and offices in the organization entrusted to implement development projects. The red portrays the existence of the noble values of human capital in providing services.