Infrastructure Sector

Road Branch

  • To execute the pre-contract stage i.e planning, design and tendering preparation of infrastructure development projects namely road and airports/airfield projects, in tandem with the State's socio-economic needs and policies.

Bridges & Wharves Branch

  • The branch key functions include planning and structural design for bridge, wharf and other riverine structure projects. The Branch also provides consultancy services to other agencies

Rural Development Branch

  • Function of Rural Development Branch is to plan, manage, design and implement rural infrastructure development projects consisting primarily of road and passenger landing facilities, in tandem with the State's socio-economic needs and policies.

Quantity Surveying Branch

  • The Quantity Surveying Branch supports and complements the other Branches which undertake infrastructure works for the Government. Quantity Surveying expertise is offered during feasibility stage, pre-contract and post-contract administration with a view to provide the best delivery system in project planning and implementation. The Branch is also the Secretariat for the Meeting of the Technical Evaluation Committee (MTEC) and Headquarters Quotation Board.

Front End Engineering Branch

  • The core function of Front-End Engineering Branch is to investigate, survey, study and produce viable development option with preliminary project cost estimate for information and decision making in projects implementation which is in tandem with the State's socio-economic needs and policies.

Geotechnical and Slope Unit

  • In Public Works Department of Sarawak, the Geotechnical and Slope (G&S) Unit is responsible on all matters relating to Geotechnical and Slope Engineering.