Asset Management Sector

Asset Planning Branch

  • Asset Planning is the secretariat for Asset Management Sector and its main focus is on the strategic management initiatives of asset planning, asset creation (limited to moveable asset only), asset operation and maintenance (O&M) and asset disposal. Asset Planning is also responsible for the management of systems related to asset management.

Road & Civil Engineering Asset Branch

  • The Road & Civil Engineering Asset Branch's primary function is to ensure that the core products of JKR Sarawak of varying asset categories, specifically roads (including road furniture and other ancillaries), bridges, wharves and other riverine structures are effectively and efficiently managed, maintained and rehabilitated to the required levels of service and as intended in their respective design lifespan. The Branch is also responsible in processing of wayleave application involving shifting or relocation of utilities or physical works affecting JKR roads, its furniture and other ancillaries.

Building Asset Branch

  • The branch is responsible to manage the maintenance and operation of government buildings and related facilities. Another important function of the branch is the event management and heads the working committee and assisted by Divisional Offices. The branch also coordinates the implementation of both minor and major works which include repair, improvement, renovation and upgrading works.

Fleet Management Branch

  • The scope of the Branch's functions mainly include planning, managing, operating as well as maintaining the Department's fleet assets and to ensure fleet assets are in optimum condition, safe and ready for use most of the time. Apart from that, the Branch is also responsible as a Central Purchasing Agency for the procurement of State Government vehicles, plants, equipment as well as providing technical advice to other government agencies (State, Federal, Statutory Body, GLC). Another major function of the branch is planning and management of ferry services of the State.