Corporate Affairs Sector

Corporate Planning & Information Management Branch

  • The branch's key functions include developing strategic plan on new development projects, manage the Departmental Geographical Information System and Global Positioning System database. The branch is also responsible to develop strategic plan on project monitoring and reporting. The branch is also involved in the planning and management of ICT Software & Equipment for the department.

Human Resource Branch

  • The Human Resource Branch of JKR Sarawak serves as a branch that provides support services to all officers of the department in terms of human resource management and enhances the competencies of officers through human resource development. For human resource management further functions implemented are general administrative management, emolument management, organizational development, performance management, recruitment and selection management, data and information management, discipline and security management as well as facility and award management. For human resource development, further functions performed include trainings, examinations, resource centers and industrial training.

Finance Branch

  • Finance Branch's function is the management of allocations and expenditures for the Department and had been restructured from the Account Branch under the Transformation/New Face exercise.

Corporate Communication Branch

  • Corporate Communication Branch plays a key role in helping to promote good image for the department with the main scope of its roles consists of public relations, media relations, and employee relations and communications. Corporate Communication also undertakes to communicate the department's message to all parties and people it serves and deals with and act as a supporting mechanism to help the department attains its vision and mission.