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JKR Sarawak Became the First Runner Up in JABES Ping Pong Challenge 2021
Posted on : 03 Apr 2021  Source of News: Corporate Communication

Date: 3 April 2021

Venue: Dewan Kompleks Belia dan Sukan

JKR Sarawak Headquarters Ping Pong Team had become the first runner up in JABES PING PONG CHALLENGE 2021 which was organized by JABES (Ministry of Youth & Sports, Sarawak). The competition was held at Dewan Kompleks Belia dan Sukan. 10 teams have participated in the competition and they were divided into 2 groups (A and B) whereby JKR team was placed in Group A together with JABES A, SPA, RANDO SAMARAHAN and I-LEAD.

JABES 'B' team has won the whole competition and the first runner up was JKR Sarawak Headquarters, which was then followed up by Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam in the third place. Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat team has filled the fourth place.