Deputy Premier Sarawak Work Visit - JKR Bintulu Divisional Office
Posted on : 04 Sep 2022  Source of News: Corporate Communication

YB Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas, Deputy Premier Sarawak, Second Minister for Finance and New Economy, Minister for Infrastructure and Ports Development had paid a visit to JKR Miri Divisional Office. YB Minister and his delegation had been briefed on the projects that are being implemented in Miri Division by En. Jason Ng Boon Tuan, Senior Engineer (Corporate Planning & Information Management Branch, JKR Sarawak).

Also present were Encik Chiew Chee Yau, Permanent Secretary (MIPD), Encik Meehan Anak Jorai, Head of Projects (JKR Sarawak), Encik Teo Nguong Leong, Regional Manager (JKR NRO), Encik Stephen Ung Neng Hui, Divisional Engineer (JKR Miri) and offcers in JKR Miri.