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Public Works Department,
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26 Feb 2020 - Demonstration of Pile Graph Taker (PGT)

Datu Ir. Hj. Zuraimi bin Hj. Sabki, Director of Public Works had paid a visit to one of the projects under the supervision of JKR Northern Regional Office which is Pusat Al-Falak and witnessed the demonstration of the use of Pile Graph Taker (PGT), a new innovative tool designed by KIK Group Nanas Madu from JKR Sarikei. He was accompanied by En. Cassidy Morris, Head of Projects, Ir. Teo Nguong Leong, Regional Manager (Northern) and Chong Chi Fam, Divisional Engineer (Miri).

The use of Pile Graph Taker can minimize the risk of accident to construction workers who prior to this have to take readings rightly below the piling machine. With the use of PGT, the readings can be taken from a safe distance.

Director of Public Works is very satisfied with the Pile Graph Taker and wants its usage to be expanded throughout all the Regional and Divisional Offices so that the safety risks can be further minimized. With the increasing workload through the implementation of Pan Borneo Projects, Projek Rakyat, RTP etc it is about time for PGT to be widely used.

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