Core Values

Core Values

1. Professionalism:

Able to comply with rules and regulations, impartial and transparent regardless of status, ethnicity, faith or kinship. Any decision is in the interest of the organization and not for any individual.

2. Integrity: 

Honestly, trust and accountability demonstrated through transparency, justice and fairness in action.

3. Caring: 

Empathy and care in performing daily tasks. This creates harmony and goodwill based on sense of sincerity and friendship.

4. Innovation: 

Fulfilling unmet stakeholders' needs by offering new ways to accomplish goals, challenging conventional notions of how things have been done before, creating meaningful points of difference for products and services against current alternatives.

5. Teamwork: 

Strong desire to establish a relationship between individuals in executing a task to achieve a commong goal through cooperation, commitment and interaction (e.g. exchange of idea and experiences on an ongoing basis).

6. Sense of Urgency & Ownership: 

To be efficient, punctual and to be fully accountable in carrying out responsibility of delivering services that are timely, putting stop to paper-pushing and pen-pushing culture.

7. Result-Oriented: 

Mindset and actions emphasizing on processes and results, which can be achieved using SMART elements.