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The background of Public Works Department (PWD) Sarawak was much knitted with the history of infrastructure development in the state. It is the legacy of the three distinct periods of Sarawak Government administration namely, the "Brooke Era (White Rajahs from 1882 - 1941)", the "British Colonial Period (Post World War II) from 1946 - 1963" and the "Period after Independence (Malaysian Government) since 1963 till now."

The Department was established and led by the "Inspectorate of Public Works" in 1882, and subsequently headed by the "Superintendent of Public Works and Survey" in 1897, thereafter designated as Director of Public Works, Sarawak.

JKR Sarawak endured through waves of re-alignment from illustrious "Builders" to "Managers" in fulfilling the changing aspirations of the State by changing its role to that of Development Project Implementation through continual Re-organizing Human Resources, Realigning of its Organisational Set-up and upgrading of its technical competencies.

PWD's, now better known as Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) Sarawak which are under Ministry for Infrastructure and Ports Development (MIPD), current core businesses are project management that includes planning, budgeting, design, pre and post contract administration, supervision, monitoring and maintenance over the contract period, operation and maintenance management of infrastructure and utilities; and engineering consultancy services.

The Headquarters (Ibu Pejabat) of JKR Sarawak is housed at Wisma Saberkas, Kuching, Sarawak. JKR Sarawak has also established 3 Regional Offices namely Southern, Central and Northern; and 12 Divisional offices in all the Divisional administrative centres in Sarawak. Besides that, JKR also has the Research and Investigation Branch, formerly known as Central Materials Laboratory (CML) at Tabuan Jaya, the Fleet Management Branch, formerly known as Central Mechanical Workshop (CMW), which is located at Jalan Batu Lintang.

History of JKR Top Management



Sulivan, Adrian O(Inspector of Works)


Frere, Aubrey Temple


Jeffreys, Edward Albert


Ellis, Henry Disney (Superintendent, Public Works & Survey)


Carew-Gobson, H.F.


Grove, Edward L.


O’niens, Percy Henry


Lowe, Captian Clement Procter




Japanese Occupation




(July 1946-1963)


R.E. Edwards


C.F. Bert



1.6.1955-Sept. 1957

J.K. Wardzela

March 1956-1964





J.J. Howard

1.1.1965 – 3.2.1968

Datuk Ng Siak Khee

4.2.1968 – 31.12.1977

Datuk Chai Boon Poh

1.1.1978 – 30.4.1985

Ir. Fung Chee Ping

1.5.1985 – 18.10.1985

Datuk Ir. Michael Parker

19.10.1985 – 9.2.1986 (dates not verified)

Datuk Michael Ting Kuok Ngie

10.2.1986 – 4.6.1998 (dates not verified)

Datu Ir. Robert Voon Chen Hian

13.8.1998 – 14.1.2002

Datu Ir. Hubert Thian Chong Hui

15.1.2002 – 31.8.2011

Datu Ir. Zuraimi Bin Hj. Sabki

1.9.2011 - 30.6.2022

 Ir. Richard anak Tajan

 1.7.2022 until now